From airport transfers to private chauffeurs, we can arrange anything our guests need to get from, to and around their destination safely and leisurely.
In-House Chef
An in-house chef will allow our guests to savor the most exquisite gastronomy within the privacy and serenity of their villa.
24/7 Security Services
Our exemplary security services create sheltered spaces and warrant the safety of our guests and properties in a reliable, diligent and methodical manner.
Event Planning
We undertake the planning and coordination of the most spectacular events, including weddings, bachelor parties, anniversaries and birthdays.
Personal Training
Our experienced yoga teachers, pilates instructors, and personal trainers are always at the disposal of our guests for the duration of their stay.
We make VIP table reservations and arrange private dinners at the most refined and affluent restaurants of each of our destinations.
Maid Service
Leave house cleaning to the pros and come home to a shining abode. Our housekeeping team provides the best professional home cleaning services.
Every kid is special and requires extra attention. Enjoy yοur vacation, by letting the best babysitters take care of your children.
Our guest relations team arranges gourmet food deliveries, pre-stocking services and personal grocery shopping.
Car Rentals
We offer a full range of transportation services. From private chauffeurs to car rentals, we can arrange anything our guests need to get around each destination safely, quickly and comfortably.
Yacht Charters
We enable travelers to explore our magnificent destinations by sea with thrilling itineraries and the most luxurious vessels. We arrange yacht, sailboat and catamaran charters and plan incredible tours at the most well-hidden coves and astonishing shores.
Breakfast Basket
We invite travelers to delve into local culture, experience the exquisite gastronomy of our destinations and start off their day with a delicious breakfast basket delivered at their doorstep.